Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have pretty limited resources. Each teacher gets a $100 Office Depot card. It is donated by a local business and sometimes they get it to us before school starts and sometimes not... We also have Title I and School Improvement funds. Title I budgets are set for this year, but School Improvement is still an option for supplies. All requests must be linked to reading and math, but with some creative wording, most requests are granted. Start making your lists with prices NOW because sometimes the turn around for when I get the School Improvement budget and when the plan has to be completed is very short. That said--a general plan for the year is a good idea because purchases in March are pretty much non-existent.

We do not have copy counts, so you do not need to budget for copies or laminating film. I also try and keep some basic supplies in the closet in my office which teachers are more than welcome to sort through.

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  1. Also, keep in mind the church will give you a few goodies if you go to the breakfast on Tuesday morning! ;-)