Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One--Teachers Report Back to School

Teachers report back Monday the 16th. Linda and Jennie will be at ACT training, Chrissa, just report to the building. Teacher day is 8:50 to 4:20 for preservice week. Dress is very casual during this time. The air is not working well, so shorts and t-shirts are very appropriate. There is colored bulletin board paper outside of the main office, but is housed in the art room during the school year. There is a laminator in the library.

Tuesday we have an optional breakfast at NW Baptist Church at 7:45. The church is right behind the school on 23rd. This is a fun event and they have great goodie bags for teachers. Afterwards, we will report to Taft for our orientation which will be in the auditorium. The afternoon and the following day are work days.

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  1. Teachers I know the breakfast seems early for those of us that like to sleep in, but it's something you really don't wanna miss! The church is so good to us & they give away some awesome stuff! See you there!