Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One with Kiddos

On the first day of school, kids will enter the building one grade at at time. The vice principals orchestrate this--teachers should be at their door ready for kids starting at about 8:45. If you have a first hour, you will distribute colored schedules to your students. It is critical that you ensure that no kiddo is in your class without a schedule. I would suggest that you have all students either stand and then sit when they get their schedule or hold up their schedules all at once to make sure you don't have any solo kids. I will call on the intercom (central sound) when I want teachers to send their DNE (Did Not Enter) schedules. These are schedules that do not have a live body to claim them. Jenny, you will send your 6th grade schedules to Mr. Schellenger. Linda, you will send your 8th grade schedules to me. Chrissa, you don't have an advisory so this doesn't apply to you. At the beginning of each subsequent class, make your kids hold up their colored schedule. If there is a kid that does not have a schedule, send him to the above adminsistrators. 7th grade schedules go to Mrs. Camp. In between classes, teachers post at their doors to monitor the halls and during the first week, help kids locate their classes.

On the first day, we orient kids to the school covering certain content in each timeblock. I will email you that grid directly and post a blog regarding each topic.

On Day Two with Kiddos, you will have to be very diligent about taking your roll for each period and double checking to make sure that no kids are in your room who are not on your rolls. Any kid that is not on your rolls needs to be sent to the grade level administrator. Do not accept them to class unless they have a schedule that is signed and dated by one of the office staff. Again, it sounds silly, but having kids all stand for roll call is a very effective way to track this. Every year I have a kid that sits in classes for a few days who is not active on a teacher's roll. The teachers will say, "Is there anyone who didn't get called," and they will sit like toads and not say a word. This is money for our district and determines if we keep or lose teachers--VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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