Friday, August 14, 2009

Student Orientation Assignments


  1. I have a list of new teacher to Taft questions. Hopefully these are questions for the whole group and not just for me:

    1. Will the students follow the same schedule for orientation that they will follow during the rest of the school year?

    2. How can I find out which lockers go with my classroom?

    3. Does the school provide paper grade books?

    4. Are class rosters available before classes start?

    5. Is there a list of materials that need to be posted in the classroom? Usually it's fire drill information and emergency information. Are there copies of those things we can pick up?

  2. I can answer a couple for you.
    1. If you mean the same schedule they will follow the first day of school, then yes, they will follow that schedule all year for their core classes. Their elective classes will change at the semester.
    2. Locker usage is determined by the grade level teachers.
    3. The official district grade book is SmartWeb, our electronic gradebook. I know alot of teachers like to keep a paper one as well for their own usage. Not sure if the school provides them or not.
    4. I can print you a class roster for now. I will try to make sure all the new teachers are set up with their user i.d. for Smartweb on Monday. Just remember we are still doing enrollment and will up to school starting, so you may get one or two more students.
    5. Yes, we do. Not sure where to pick them up.

  3. Jodie,
    1. The "orientation schedule" is just an agenda of topics to cover with each class period on the first day. The class schedule that the kids go to will not change, they are going to all of their regular class periods. This way, if their 1st hour (TB1) teacher spends all hour talking about lunch procedures, and doesn't get to cover bus procedures, etc., the students still cover all other info with a teacher later, rather than hearing the lunch procedures 7 times.
    2. The only grade level that assigns lockers to students is 6th, typically. I am not sure what room you're in, but ask your neighbors about the lockers nearby.
    3. No, you won't be given a paper gradebook, but you can print Smartweb pages to use, or buy one with your giftcard maybe.
    4. See Curry for rosters.
    5. You must post emergency drill information and emergency roll sheets by your door. I would ask Loretta or Schellenger for these.

    Did I cover everything correctly?

  4. Those are both really useful responses! Thanks!