Friday, August 7, 2009

School Improvement Plan

Our guiding document is the Taft School Improvement Plan. It has a great deal of data regarding the school and identifies key ways we are planning to improve the instructional program at the school. The strategies included are not comprehensive as teachers utilize such a broad range of teaching methods. Title I funds are the source from which the majority of our instructional materials are purchased. Attached is the form used to request purchases. I have set aside funds to purchase items new teachers would like to use in their classrooms, but you need to request them very early in the year. While we are on purchasing, we have a donor that purchases a Walmart gift card of $100 for each teacher. This is basically all that teachers receive to use in their classrooms. The majority of our school budget is used to fund copying (which is unlimited). Additionally, I allow all new teachers to spend $100 at Mardels (or any other vendor of your choice). You may come by the school at any time to get a requisition from Mrs. West our financial secretary. She will give you an overview of purchasing requirements, but remember NO TAX AND GET A RECEIPT (right Sarah Ross). The good thing about using Mardels is that you don’t have to mess with a check. If you want to use another vendor, I will need to know the exact amount of your purchases in order to cut you a check.


  1. I have no idea why you would direct that toward me!!! LOL! Glad you mentioned the gift cards, that's an important thing to know! Also, when I was new to Taft, I needed help figuring out procedural things like morning line-up, lunch routines, and the detention/ISS/Sat School procedures. These things were done a lot differently at Webster, so it takes some getting used to. (Alma's still figuring it all out! LOL!) I know a lot of these things vary by team and grade level, but, it's food for thought.

  2. Save yourself, Miss Ross LOL. Oh yeah, you didn't receipt versus saving receipts. New teachers--remember that any money taken in (field trips, etc.) must be receipted and turned in to the financial secretary daily.

  3. is there a limit of how much and what can be bought with Title I money?