Thursday, July 23, 2009

Master Schedule

Please note a few things about the master schedule.
Groups of kids are identified by their grade and level, i.e. 7E. Notice how the groups of kids follow a pattern which is what we call a rotation. When you are on plan, your kids are in electives. All grade levels have "grade pure" electives and lunch periods.


  1. Welcome to Taft! NEW teachers rock!


  2. Wow!!!!

    What an exciting new year we are going to have with a lot of new Royals. I can't wait to get to meet each of you.

    Welcome to Taft!!!!

  3. Welcome new teachers!!!! And a big shot out to our oldies as well!!!! I look foward to meeting all of you in the next coming weeks and working with ya'll. Anything at all I can do for you, just give me a shout.

  4. Everyone upload a picture so the new teachers will have faces to go with names!

  5. One bit of info that is good to know is that students that are on team 6-1 carry over to team 7-1, then 8-1. Seems like a given to us, but doesn't happen at most schools.

  6. Welcome New Tafters, home of the Royals. Where we believe in keeping the Pride, Honor and Traditions that make Taft and Awesome place to work. I am looking forward to meeting you all and hope you have as great first year with our Taft family!